Are you passionate about making a difference in the lives of children, young people, and adults involved with the welfare and justice systems? Do you believe that promoting physical activity, health, and wellbeing can create positive change?

If so, we invite you to join the Get Well Stay Well network. Collaborate with us and government leaders to drive systems change and promote healthier lives and safer communities.

our promise to you

voice for the sector

We will represent your interests during tri-annual meetings with government leaders, collaboratively developing and delivering a National Work Plan. Together, we will break down barriers to participation and enhance health promotion within our communities.

enhancing engagement

We will keep you informed with the latest news and insights and welcome you at the annual GWSW Summit. This premier event convenes leaders from government, health, justice, and physical activity sectors for impactful learning and collaborative debate to shape our future.

informed by lived experience

We will ensure that every stage of GWSW, from our Ambassadors to participant feedback is informed by lived experience. This approach ensures that the National Work Plan closely reflects the needs and insights of individuals involved with the welfare and justice systems.

impactful partnerships

We will continually forge alliances with leading organisations to enhance network support. By increasing resources for the workforce, developing a robust evidence base, advocating for investment, and strengthening cross-sector collaborations we will maximise our impact.


social inequality and access to physical activity:

Recognising the gap in physical activity access is crucial, especially for those from lower socio-economic backgrounds and minority groups, who are overrepresented among justice-involved individuals. Addressing financial, access and social stigma barriers is key to equitable health outcomes. 

systemic barriers to recovery and rehabilitation:

The UK’s recovery and rehabilitation efforts face systemic obstacles, including limited access to physical activity and wellness programmes, and fragmented support.

post-pandemic recovery:

Emerging from COVID-19, the UK emphasises resilience and long-term mental health and wellbeing recovery. Programmes boosting physical activity are crucial for building healthier, more resilient communities.

rising mental health concerns:

The UK’s mental health issues have surged, particularly among those who are in and on the fringes of the justice system. Physical activity emerges as a
vital preventive and therapeutic tool, underscoring the need for accessible wellbeing programmes.

national health priorities:

Aligning with the UK’s focus on mental health and physical activity, initiatives promoting these areas can attract significant public and private
engagement, contributing to improved public health outcomes. 

reduce reoffending rates:

Reoffending costs society and the economy approx. £18 billion pa.  Physical activity and wellbeing initiatives can be cost-effective ways to enhance rehabilitation, reduce stress, and foster pro-social behaviors, potentially supporting the desistance from crime.

Public health and economic benefits:

Often, Promoting physical activity can yield extensive public health and economic benefits, lowering healthcare costs, boosting productivity, and enhancing community wellbeing.

Get Well Stay Well is managed by the Alliance of Sport, in partnership with NHS England.

Together, we are enhancing support for children, young people and adults involved with the welfare and justice systems. Our mission is to build healthier lives and safer community.

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David Haze

David Haze

Project Ambassador

David, with his unparalleled  achievements as a 7-time world record stand-up paddle boarder and role as our project ambassador, brings invaluable lived experience to GWSW.

Baroness Sater

Baroness Sater

Chair of the Taskforce

Baroness Sater is a passionate advocate and strategic advisor, playing a pivotal role in guiding our engagement and efforts across government.

Andrew Nichols-Clarke

Andrew Nichols-Clarke

NHS England, GWSW Lead

Andrew is the GWSW Lead at NHS England and is integral to weaving the initiative into relevant services, policies, and partnerships.

James Mapstone

James Mapstone

Alliance of Sport, CEO

James spearheads many of GWSW’s strategic activities and relationships, driving forward our mission with dynamic leadership.

Justin Coleman

Justin Coleman

Alliance of Sport, COO

Justin leads on the development of partnerships and enhancing support for the workforce, Justin is key to strengthening our collaborative efforts.

Rudro Sen

Rudro Sen

Alliance of Sport, Community Engagement Manager

Rudro is responsible for engaging signatories and supporting project management. Rudro brings vital connection and organisation to our outreach efforts.

Claire Pickles

Claire Pickles

Events Manager

Claire oversees all GWSW events,  ensuring each one is a success, managing logistics and execution with creativity and expertise.




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